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Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Dangers of Twilight

I saw this link on the sidebar that I put in this page for Christian Youth News: http://www.prophezine.com/PZArticles/TheTwilightPhenomena/tabid/800/Default.aspx

It's about the books Twilight. They are just as bad as the Harry Potter books, except that a lot of churches are accepting of it! :O

It's horrible really. Read the article, and warn all your Christian friends to not read the books or see the movies.

I was really upset, and now motivated because it said in that article that she wrote the first book and had it ready for publishing within six months of starting to write the book.

Now I have a new motivation to write my book, because I see that Satan worked in her, and got his message out there, and I should work harder to get God's message out there through my books. I'm writing a Christian fiction novel, and I'll probably write more--the problem is I just need to write it lol.

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Nelishia said...

I googled The Dangers of Twilight and found your blog. I'm also a Christian writer and have a blog, though it's private. My nieces, age 13 and 11, who are the daughters of worship leaders, are being allowed and encouraged to read these books. WHY I do not understand. I'm glad you see how the world is in the church too. WE as writers can provide that through our God given gifts and talents.
I appreciate you for speaking out about this and also about how this author was satan inspired to get it from first draft to publishing in six months, another thing that is common with the Harry Potter auther. Also Stephen King.